Classes and Workshops

These classes & workshops are available at Lotus Moon Temple in Southern Oregon, and at various other locations around the country. Please see calendar for details on dates, times, and costs.


Private Tantric Dance Session Hypnotherapy Prosperity Coaching   Private Tantric Dance Session Tantric Dance is the process of deepening into your core energy, or shakti. An individual tantric session enables you to vibrate with a particular healing intention you have for yourself and explore this intention through divination, shamanic healing, tantric body energetics, shakti stretch,Continue Reading

Tantric Dance Year and a Day Program

What is Tantric Dance?  Tantric Dance of the Divine Feminine is a sensuous movement meditation.  It is spontaneous, womb-centered, contained, serpentine, and pleasurable!  Unlike other forms of dance, it is not technique oriented, but process oriented.  It is a devotional or meditation “practice” in the sense that one returns to it again and again toContinue Reading

Shakti Power of Attraction

Home Study Course & Coaching Program ~13 month home-study program in tantric arts & body energetics, tantric & prosperity studies, and Law of Attraction work.  Course includes written materials, body-based meditation practice, homework, readings and monthly phone class. What you will receive: *Daily spiritual practice that anchors you in your Divine Feminine power. *Greater accessContinue Reading

Women’s Weekend Retreats ~ Seasonally

(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) A weekend immersion for women in tantric dance, prosperity work, sacred pampering, and women’s empowerment. Take time out of your busy life and renew yourself with the wellspring of the Divine Feminine.  


Join us for a deep and delicious dive into the sensuous prayer practice of the Tantric Dance. This evening workshop is suitable for beginners and for women with some experience. Embrace your feminine essence and deepen into your pleasure/power within a safe and supportive circle of sisters.  


An Evening of Presence with the Beloved Would you like to deepen with your partner?  Drop the drama and just love each other?  Shift conflict into complimentarity? We will play with sacred movement, sharing, tantric breathwork, respectful touch, and loving witness.  Connect more fully with your core energy and deepen your experience of your own sexuality.  BeContinue Reading

Kali’s Kindness;

Join us to celebrate the wisdom of the Dark Goddess, and your own power.  Kali is only frightening to the unitiated.  In her essence she is truly kind.  Learn to embrace endings and letting go, and create greater trust in your life path.  Become the kind of woman who gets what she wants.  Shed passiveContinue Reading


A transformational women’s workshop with Kathy Kali The word shakti means, simply, “power”. In this one-day tantric intensive we invite the Goddess Shakti, Source  of Power, Creation and Manifestation,  to awaken us into a greater experience of our own power & through pleasure!  We will cultivate Shakti’s sacred fire and serpent wisdom through story & song, shakti yoga andContinue Reading

Prosperity Study Group(PSG) and Prosperity Power Group(PPG) ~ occurs seasonally

(Continue to apply the “giving causes getting” method of prospering in this lively and loving group. With deep and fun games, sharing, and feedback, Kathy Kali helps you to crystalize your gifts, expand your income, and give more fully of who you are. Release old patterns of resistance to prospering and step into radiant abundance,Continue Reading