About Tantric Dance

The Tantric Dance is a powerful process of alignment with your own power. The Dance can be provocative, holding a mirror to our deepest selves. This path is grounded, spontaneous, contained, ecstatic, supportive, healing, womb-centered, and pleasurable. We who practice the Dance are priestesses, holding and containing the sacred energy of the feminine, or Shakti. We learn the Dance by observing each others transmission of grace. For some, the Dance is a pleasurable yoga of physical adjustment and release of specific areas of the body. For others it is a way to create more presence, groundedness and flexibility for other forms of dance. And still for some others it is a devotional practice, an opening to the magic of the Goddess.

Tantra means “weave” or “web”, referring to how the body, mind, spirit and universe are all interwoven in a tapestry of existence. Similarly, in Tantric Dance we embrace and utilize all sensation-gross and subtle-for transformation in our bodies. Recycling sensation within the body expands our capacity to experience pleasure. And opening to the sensual/sexual/spiritual pleasure within is the inspiration for this practice. Finally, the Dance is anchored in an attitude of devotional intent, as we open in gratitude to receive the spontaneous energies that wish to come through.

Blessed be!