Kathy Kaly - Tantric Dance

Prosperity Work

Prosperity is the flow of energy between people~the “currency” of goods and services that moves as people help each other. To prosper, one can follow certain universal principles to expand circulation. Life works better when we practice greater giving, gratitude, vision, supportability, integrity, and trust. Prosperity work involves practicing the principles with like-minded others, and also work to dissolve inner blocks, and allow circulation through the places in our lives where we want to withhold energy.

Tantric Work

Tantra is the flow of energy in the body~the “shakti” which is our life-force, creativity, and sexuality. When we attend to our shakti with breath and movement, it fills our body with pleasure, power, and presence. Tantric practice involves practice with like minded others, and supports a free flow of energy through our bodies. Like prosperity work, tantric work also involves a process of healing and dissolving blocks, through bringing circulation and breath to places of pain or tension.

Making money with my inner child

It is amazing how fun it is to run a business. My inner manager and healer and worker bee and saleswoman are all on board.  And my inner child. She gets to choose what we do next. We create as a team, but she is the spark, she brings the flame, the impulse of shakti to create something new.  Every time I have a financial goal, I drop into my belly and connect with this deep primal impulse to create.  What is needed next?  How can I serve people?  How can I help?  What can we create? Sometimes I have to trust and wait For the spark, but it  Always comes.  All my programs, classes, private work, and volunteer work have come out of this creative response to a financial need.  I am so grateful for my bills, for they get me to share even more of my essence, my inner being, my  sacred child.
What do you have to  share?  What does your child want to do next?  How can you "play" to make more money?  More money is just a symbol of YOU being in greater action to serve others. And it is FUN!

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